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#AMPLIFI Quick Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AmpliFi?
    • AmpliFi is a crypto annuity, or a high-yield decentralized savings vehicle that distributes multiple forms of yield with tokenomics designed to promote stabilized yield over time. AmpliFi is NOT an investment and is NOT an annuity as defined in the traditional sense.
  • Can I purchase #AMPLIFI with $ETH even if the trading pair is $USDC?
    • Yes, you may use Uniswap or your preferred DEX-aggregator (e.g. 1Inch) to purchase #AMPLIFI with $ETH or $USDC.
  • Do I earn yield just from holding #AMPLIFI tokens?
    • No. Holding an Amplifier entitles you to #AMPLIFI rewards. To earn $ETH, you need to fuse it with AmpliFi. To do so, redeem 20 #AMPLIFI tokens for an Amplifier and then Lock it to your preferred Fuse pool through the Decentralized Application (DApp) on our website.
  • Is #AMPLIFI Inflationary or Deflationary?
    • Deflationary, with the potential to mint tokens if the need ever arises. Here's why: When you create an Amplifier, all 20 #AMPLIFI tokens are automatically burned, immediately reducing circulating supply. When Amplifiers distribute yield, some holders may choose to sell those tokens whereas others choose to lock them to a Fuse pool to generate external yield, or create additional Amplifiers for added native yield. As more Amplifiers are created and more yield is distributed, the Rewards Pool slowly empties over time as supply continuously decreases. This is one of the "net-deflationary" aspects of AmpliFi.
    • When the Rewards Pool nears the end of its cycle, the AmpliFi refills the Pool at a rate suitable for market conditions at that time. Following a period of rapid growth, AmpliFi may fully replenish the Pool, whereas in normal times, the Pool will be only marginally refilled. This paves the way for new Amplifiers to be created and restarts the burn-and-refill process. The theory is essentially such that burning and refilling, which you could liken to an extremely slow rollercoaster, models and promotes a stabilized trading range for price action. While the price goes up and down, it stays within that range. We refer to this process as Alternating Monetary Policy ("AMP"), which is just one of the many ways AmpliFi innovates on notions of traditional tokenomics.
  • How much is the Operations Fee for an Amplifier?
    • Amplifier's incur an Operations Fee payable every 30 (thirty) calendar days to finance the acquisition of additional Ethereum Validators, and down the road, Validators on other chains as well, offsetting the risk a potential "failure" of the Ethereum network would have on AmpliFi, which ultimately protects holders and offers them a mixed basket of yield-bearing assets.
    • Operations Fees go directly toward Validator acquisition and project Development.
  • Are Locked Amplifiers subject to the same Operations Fee?
    • Yes. While #AMPLIFI is not claimable during the period an Amplifier is locked into a Fuse pool, these holders are accruing substantially greater yields than holders of unlocked Amplifiers in the same time frame. Further, a once-monthly fee (which is adjustable in times of turbulent market conditions), enables AmpliFi to continue accruing even more Validators which will provide larger rewards over time and offer locked holders dividends in perpetuity.
  • Is AmpliFi limited to Validators?
    • No. We plan to offer additional modules and features, including through LPs and otherwise. We can't release information on our future plans yet, but we aim to add an extensive variety of features, many of which were planned between the V1 and V2 transition periods.
  • How much $ETH was raised in the Presale?
    • Over 80 $ETH across 150+ participants, exceeding the 50 $ETH soft cap. The Presale was public, meaning anyone could join. No individuals were given tokens they did not pay for.
  • Is there a limit on how many Amplifiers I can have or how many tokens I can have in my wallet?
    • You may create up to 96 (ninety-six) Amplifiers per wallet. There is no limit on how many #AMPLIFI tokens you may hold in each wallet.
  • What is the Vesting Schedule for Presale Participants?
    • All V1 Holders and Presale participants were airdropped the entirety of their #AMPLIFI tokens due within the first week of launch.
  • How many #AMPLIFI Tokens did Seed Participants purchase?
    • Seed of Inception participants will receive between 440-460 tokens per 1 $ETH contributed. The minimum contribution was set to 0.1 $ETH and the maximum contribution was 1 $ETH.
  • What is the Slippage on trading #AMPLIFI?
    • Acquisition: 3.25%+
    • Sells: 3.25%+
  • Is there a Transfer Tax between Wallets?
    • No.
  • Is Liquidity Locked? If so, for how Long?
    • Yes. Liquidity is permanently locked in the smart contract.
  • Are all Wallets supported?
    • Yes. All major wallets are supported on the AmpliFi Dapp.
  • Can I transfer my Amplifier(s) to a different Wallet?
    • No, doing so would compromise wallet security as it would require special permissions, namely that the AmpliFi team has absolute control over (or access to) your wallet. AmpliFi’s creators would never subject holders to this level of risk.
  • I've already claimed #AMPLIFI rewards with my Amplifier. Is it too late to lock my Amplifier?
    • No. You can lock an Amplifier at any time, which will automatically boost your native #AMPLIFI yield and entitle you to $ETH rewards.
  • I'm not sure how to create an Amplifier; do I send my tokens to the Burn Address?
    • Do not send your tokens to the burn address! To create an Amplifier, open the Dapp, connect your wallet, click the "My Amplifiers" page, and press "Create Amplifier."
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