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Looking towards the Future of AmpliFi

AmpliFi's Vision

AmpliFi's vision is to create a limited-risk decentralized crypto annuity offering stabilized yield in perpetuity. While we are building the first system to distribute stabilized rewards, we continuously aim to innovate within the DeFi space. Our plans include releasing many more counter-inflationary mechanisms that will positively impact AmpliFi's viability in the market to further stabilize $AMPLIFI and manage supply fluctuations. One of these initial plans, for example, is to generate an OTC swap to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of large sell orders on $AMPLIFI holders.
AmpliFi is built on a single operating thesis: Create a platform in which a native token must be locked to earn both native and external yield for the entire life of the protocol. As a result, nearly every counter-inflationary mechanism is engineered with this goal in mind. As more tokens are locked through Fuse pools, the protocol can offer more features and thus distribute more returns for investors. Stay tuned as we introduce even more innovative DeFi mechanisms to the protocol over time.

The Path toward Decentralization

Decentralization is a journey and AmpliFi strives toward it. The gAMP governance program sets AmpliFi apart from competitors in the market and shows that one of our goals is to decentralize as many features as possible while ensuring effective risk management practices. It is for this reason that so much of the AmpliFi protocol is automated.
AmpliFi's future will be one driven largely by the community. Following the completion of each milestone on the Roadmap, AmpliFi will drive further towards decentralized management and automation, and away from top-down management practices.
In the early stages, however, it is critical that AmpliFi retains decision-making authority with respect to features, adjustments, and implementations within the AmpliFi ecosystem in order to fulfill its mission for the benefit of our community of holders, and to the DeFi space as a whole.
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