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Mint Governance Tokens to Earn Trading Fees

$gAMP is AmpliFi's revenue sharing and governance token

$gAMP Token

As AmpliFi advances, the gAMP token plays an important role in maintaining price equilibrium and leading a collaborative governance process. Those who hold the gAMP token earn a % share of Trade Fees, acquire voting power on governance proposals, and receive VIP access to OTC swap (currently under development). Additionally, gAMP holders will also gain access to a private telegram group for proposals and discussions, including pre-release updates on protocol performance, metrics, and yield. The total supply of gAMP tokens is uncapped. gAMP accounts for 1/6th of all tax revenue, or just under 17% of Trade Fees.
The gAMP token entitles the holder to his % share of the gAMP rewards pool. Users can mint gAMP tokens as follows:
  • 1 year Fused Lock = 0.125 gAMP claimable over 1 year
  • 3 years Fused Lock = 0.380 gAMP claimable over 3 years
  • 5 years Fused Lock = 1.000 gAMP claimable over 5 years
gAMP tokens may be minted and claimed fractionally; stated differently, you do not need to wait until you have "1" gAMP to mint and/or claim.

How $gAMP Works

  • When a holder fuses an Amplifier, he or she becomes immediately eligible to mint gAMP tokens. Your gAMP tokens are distributed over the course of your fuse period.
    • Example: If a user fuses for 1 year, he is entitled to .125 gAMP or 0.000342465753425 daily since the inception of his fusing pending his fees are paid.
  • The purpose behind these complex mechanics is to track which holder is owed what share of $ETH rewards, based on the following criteria:
    1. 1.
      How many Amplifier he has Fused;
    2. 2.
      When he Fused the Amplifiers; and
    3. 3.
      How much gAMP he has minted
  • A snapshot is taken every 30 Days to determine who is eligible for a share of $ETH rewards that month via the gAMP token.
Example: Holder A fuses on Day 1 of the month, and thus, will be eligible for a greater share of $ETH rewards that month than Holder B, who fused on Day 26 of the same month.
  • More gAMP accrues each second, which means, in theory, you can mint more gAMP every day; however, it is advised to mint gAMP each month on the day before the Snapshot, regardless of when you fused. This conserves $ETH in your wallet and maximizes the amount of gAMP mintable, and thus, $ETH claimable that month.
  • Currently the value of gAMP is relative to the demand for Fused Amplifiers, whereas the demand for gAMP is directly tied to the protocol's volume. However, the "value" gAMP accrues (both regarding $ETH and gAMP's intrinsic value) is expected to grow as the protocol acquires more Ethereum validators and additional revenue streams.
  • While it is advised to mint gAMP every 30 days on the day before the next Snapshot, you are not required to claim your accrued $ETH rewards each month; they will continue to accrue until you choose to claim them. However, if you fail to mint more gAMP each month, you will forego eligibility for the additional $ETH you would have ordinarily been due that month.
    • This structure, while it necessitates holder participation, ensures that your share of $ETH is not diluted by a holder who A) stops paying monthly operations fees or B) seeks to gamify the system by fusing and minting tokens on specific days at the expense of others in a malicious effort to receive more $ETH.
$gAMP tokens must be minted, but are technically tradeable on the open market if and when holders add Liquidity to any given Liquidity Pair. The creators of AmpliFi will not Liquidity to any $gAMP pairing.

30 Day Snapshot

The Dapp displays on what date the next 30 day Snapshot will take place. To participate, you'll want to create an Amplifier, Fuse it (longer Fuse = more gAMP), and then mint gAMP on the next before the Snapshot). In a given 30 day period, individuals who fuse earlier will generally be entitled to receive more $ETH rewards than a holder who waited to fuse until the last day of the 30 day period.
gAMP "Next Claiming Period" Dapp Indicator

Team $gAMP Allocation

The core Operations and Development Team received 60 pre-minted $gAMP tokens in total, which are excluded from revenue sharing. These $gAMP tokens represent the "voice" of AmpliFi's creators in governance proposals.
  • 40 $gAMP Tokens are allocated to the core Operations Team
  • 20 $gAMP Tokens are allocated to the core Development Team
  • These 60 $gAMP tokens are excluded from revenue sharing rewards. In other words, the Operations Team and the Development Team do not earn revenue on these $gAMP tokens.
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Voting Power

$gAMP holders can submit proposals for a discussion on the AmpliFi forum, called Snapshot. They can submit proposals, vote, and otherwise participate in:
  • Cross-Chain Validator Allocation
  • Investments
  • Rewards Pool Injection Intervals
  • APY increases/reductions
  • Modified Locks
  • DEX and CEX Listings
  • Marketing Proposals & Ad Spend
  • Legal Entity Status
  • Website & DApp Revision Proposals
  • Circuit Breaker adjustments
  • Market Trigger adjustments

OTC Swap Escrow Service

Coming Soon...
Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading will offer the opportunity to buy/sell #AMPLIFI tokens off-exchange, through a Smart Contract Escrow Service. #AMPLIFI Holders benefit from high security and no risk of front-running. Tokens are exchanged for $USDC or $ETH directly with zero slippage, instead of going through the Liquidity Pool. This enables larger holders to off-load their tokens as needed without negatively affecting smaller holders. When selling into our Liquidity Pool instead of going through Uniswap or a DEX, 100% of these #AMPLIFI tokens are burned or removed from circulation, effectively decreasing circulating supply and further protecting holders' interests.
On top of price protection, $gAMP holders will benefit from a 25% sell tax reduction while using the OTC Swap service. Access to the OTC swap will first be offered to $gAMP holders on a first-come, first-serve basis.
AmpliFi. Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.