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Transistors are essentially mini-Amplifiers. They’re created using only 6 #AMPLIFI tokens (compared to 20 for Amplifiers) while still earning a competitive return. Transistors, like Amplifiers, earn intrinsically-backed native yield in perpetuity. But unlike Amplifiers, Transistors can be "reversed", enabling the 6 #AMPLIFI tokens to be refunded if the Transistor hasn't yet been subject to any claims.
Transistors are meant to be a stepping stone for smaller AmpliFi participants to eventually acquire an Amplifier. For this reason, Transistors do offer several attractive benefits, but Amplifiers remain the more fruitful ecosystem product.
At present, each Transistor produces 128% APY, subject to Claim Frequency Decay as well as Claim Fees.
  • Claim Frequency Decay: Decreases yield logarithmically by 10.5% per Claim regardless of the number of claims or the time elapsed between claims.
Each Transistor is subject to a monthly operations fee of .004 $ETH. Failure to pay this fee in the time allotted will prohibit you from claiming rewards. Should a total of 60 days pass without payment, the Transistor will be permanently deactivated and accrued rewards will self-destruct.

Transistors: $ETH Rewards + $gAMP Exclusions

  • Transistors can not be fused
  • Transistors are excluded from $ETH rewards and revenue-sharing
  • Transistors are excluded from Minting $gAMP tokens

Transistor Reversal

To reverse a Transistor, users will see “Reverse Transistor” on the protocol if they’re eligible. Reversed Transistors receive all 6 tokens back and pay a 0.12 $ETH reversal fee (along with forfeiting unclaimed rewards).
Reversal is generally not recommended — but it’s important we give smaller holders this built-in flexibility. Because of their reversal option, Transistors can be thought of as a “more liquid” option than Amplifiers.

Security Considerations

A Transistor may not be transferred to another wallet. If your wallet is hacked, compromised, or exploited, the malicious actor will gain access to your funds. AmpliFi is unable to reverse transactions.
Please take precautions to ensure your wallet is safe and free of security risks. Always use a hardware wallet when possible.

Transistor Yield Adjustment

Transistor yield may be reduced or increased upon a determination that decreasing or increasing annualized native yield is beneficial or necessary to the long-term health and viability of AmpliFi and the #AMPLIFI token. At the outset, this decision is relegated to the creators of AmpliFi, and will transition to community control through governance proposals and voting.

Gas Fee Estimation

Gas Considerations: Sometimes Metamask incorrectly estimates gas needed to effectuate a Claim on a Transistor or series of Transistors. As a result, it may sometimes be worthwhile to increase the gas limit (rather than gas speed) when claiming Transistor rewards.
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