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Unfused Amplifiers

To Fuse or not to Fuse...

Unfused Amplifier

An Amplifier is not fused without further action by the holder, meaning all #AMPLIFI rewards it generates are claimable at any time. When a holder creates an Amplifier, 20 #AMPLIFI tokens are removed from circulation, which actually decreases supply (as opposed to "burning it" which simply implies sending it to the dead wallet). As a result, a holder may not reverse this transaction or later choose to "reclaim" his #AMPLIFI tokens or "return" the Amplifier. Once an Amplifier is created, the initial 20 tokens redeemed to create it are effectively destroyed.
The initial supply of #AMPLIFI was 121,373. Check Etherscan or refer to the Dashboard for the latest supply statistics.
At present, an Amplifier produces 159% APY on every Amplifier, subject to Time Decay and Claim Frequency Decay, as well as Claim Fees.
  • Time Decay: Decreases the Time Decay Claim Fee linearly from 9% to 0% over 72 Days
    • Example 1: If holder A creates an Amplifier on December 1st and claims rewards 3 days later on December 4th, those rewards are subject to a fee.
    • Example 2: If Holder A instead claims 73 Days after creating an Amplifier, those rewards on that claim are not subject to a Time Decay fee.
  • Claim Frequency Decay: Decreases yield logarithmically by 15% per Claim regardless of the number of claims or the time elapsed between claims
Each Amplifier is subject to a monthly operations fee of .008 $ETH. Failure to pay this fee in the time allotted will prohibit you from claiming rewards. Should a total of 60 days pass without payment, the Amplifier will be permanently deactivated and accrued rewards will self-destruct.

Unfused Amplifiers: $ETH Rewards + $gAMP Exclusions

  • Unfused Amplifiers are excluded from $ETH rewards and revenue-sharing
  • Unfused Amplifiers are excluded from Minting $gAMP tokens

Security Considerations

An Amplifier may not be transferred to another wallet. If your wallet is hacked, compromised, or exploited, the malicious actor will gain access to your funds. AmpliFi is unable to reverse transactions.
Please take precautions to ensure your wallet is safe and free of security risks. Always use a hardware wallet when possible.

Unfused Amplifier Yield Adjustment

Amplifier yield may be reduced or increased upon a determination that decreasing or increasing annualized native yield is beneficial or necessary to the long-term health and viability of AmpliFi and the #AMPLIFI token. At the outset, this decision is relegated to the creators of AmpliFi, and will transition to community control through governance proposals and voting.

Gas Fee Estimation

Gas Considerations: Sometimes Metamask incorrectly estimates gas needed to effectuate a Claim on an Amplifier or series of Amplifiers. As a result, it may sometimes be worthwhile to increase the gas limit (rather than gas speed) when claiming Amplifier rewards.
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