AmpliFi DeFi

The First Decentralized Annuity

A Multi-Stream Perpetual Yield Protocol based on a Decentralized Crypto Annuity
What is AmpliFi?
AmpliFi is the world's first protocol for perpetual yield through a reward-paying crypto annuity, the intrinsic value of which is derived from blockchain validator acquisition and revenue distribution. AmpliFi distributes earnings in #AMPLIFI tokens and awards holders in $ETH if they lock their Amplifier in a Fuse Pool for at least 1 year. Locking an Amplifier in a Fuse Pool further entitles the holder to volume-based trade fees via AmpliFi's mintable governance token, $gAMP.
AmpliFi's goal is simple: Offer stabilized rewards in perpetuity
To create a protocol offering stabilized yield in perpetuity, the protocol must be designed to manage circulating supply such that it never hyper-inflates when holders sell tokens into the Liquidity Pool (LP). To do this, the token must be intrinsically valuable. AmpliFi creates intrinsic value through #AMPLIFI, the native token, by tying it to external sources of revenue. In time, #AMPLIFI is expected to mirror and reflect the value of this external revenue which is generated and distributed to holders. As a result, the more value-add systems, features, and modules AmpliFi intertwines within the platform, the more valuable #AMPLIFI should become.
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How can I earn Rewards?

Redeem 20 #AMPLIFI tokens for 1 Amplifier via our DApp to start earning #AMPLIFI rewards at a starting annual yield of 159%. If you want to also earn $ETH rewards, lock your Amplifier into a Fuse pool. The longer you lock, the greater your earnings, both in $ETH and in #AMPLIFI.
AmpliFi's never-before-seen mechanisms strike a balance between inflation and deflation, ensuring that your #AMPLIFI always reflects its fair market value.
No cryptocurrency project has ever been able to successfully create a perpetual yield protocol or decentralized annuity, until now. By creating a crypto-based annuity platform offering stabilized earnings in perpetuity, DeFi investors can enjoy competitive rewards in a low-risk environment for 5+ years.
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AmpliFi. Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.
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