AmpliFi DeFi

Trading Pair, Liquidity, and Tokenomics

AmpliFi's native token "AMPLIFI" is paired with USDC on Uniswap v2

Token Information

Initial Liquidity: 150,000 $USDC + 11,500 #AMPLIFI
Total Supply: 121,373 #AMPLIFI
Initial Circulating Supply: 82,373 #AMPLIFI
Initial Rewards Pool: 39,000 #AMPLIFI
Estimated Initial Token Price: $13.043 $USDC
Starting Market Cap: $1.07M
Starting Fully-Diluted Market Cap: $1.58M

Trading Information

Slippage: 3.25%+
Acquisition: 2.75% Fixed
Sell: 2.75% Variable dependent on % #AMPLIFI supply remaining in Rewards Pool
Maximum Wallet Size: No Limit on #AMPLIFI tokens; 96 Amplifiers per Wallet
Maximum Purchase: No Limit
Maximum Sell: No Limit
Transfer Tax: 0%

USDC Trading Pair

The new $USDC stablecoin pairing aligns with AmpliFi's mission, for several reasons:
  • In current market conditions, investors are more liquid in stablecoins than non-pegged digital assets. We switched from $USDT to $USDC due to USDC's growing dominance in the stablecoin market. With over a $52 Billion market cap - it's the perfect pairing for reasons related to both liquidity and convenience.
  • The $USDC pairing offers an additional hedge against market volatility by allowing investors to buy/sell #AMPLIFI tokens in a stable USD equivalent. The investors still earn a dual-yield through $ETH and #AMPLIFI rewards, but are now able to enter and exit token positions through a highly-liquid stablecoin.
  • AmpliFi is a short, mid, and long-term crypto savings protocol offering passive rewards in perpetuity with stability maintained through a variety of counter-inflationary mechanisms. This pairing decision is directly in-line with the protocol's mission in the weeks, months, and years to come.
  • Lastly, AmpliFi seeks to accommodate investors who prefer taking profits in a stable store of value like $USDC.
Holders may also swap $ETH for #AMPLIFI on Uniswap directly without converting to $USDC. Uniswap will perform the swap to #AMPLIFI/$USDC automatically via the Auto-Router. You may purchase #AMPLIFI with $USDC directly if desired.

Transitioning from V1 to V2

The initial funding for V1 was raised through a public seed round. The Annuity (now AmpliFi), accumulated over 80 $ETH across 150+ investors in just 72 hours.
For V2, we increased the Liquidity Pool allocation from 90,000 $USDT to 150,000 $USDC, establishing the new #AMPLIFI/$USDC Trading Pair with approximately 50% greater liquidity.
To lessen price volatility over the 1st week of launch, AmpliFi reduced circulating supply by 33% and vested V1 holders and Presale participants for 1 week. For example, if you’d held 100 tokens on V1, you received 66 Tokens on V2, as the reduced supply and substantially greater $USDC Liquidity Pool resulted in a significantly greater starting price than V1.
However, holders who held a Micro-Validator (now an Amplifier) – whether it was fused or unfused – received the same number of Amplifiers (locked or unlocked) on V2. If you had 5 Mi-V’s in V1, you received 5 Amplifiers. This directly benefits V1 holders who chose to create a Micro-Validator/Amplifier regardless as to whether they locked it in a Fuse pool or not.
Airdrop Example: If a holder had 100 $MICROV tokens on V1, 2 Mi-V’s, and 1 Fused Mi-V, the holder received 66 #AMPLIFI tokens on V2, 2 Amplifiers, and 1 Amplifier Locked in a Fuse pool, with the 1st month’s fees waived for a true 1:1 airdrop.
The AmpliFi Operations and Development team earned $0 from the Presale.
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